Working with Document Templates in Google Drive


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Sometimes, when you want to produce a document to a standard format, it’s easier to let someone else do the heavy lifting by using a pre-designed template. Google Drive gives you access to an enormous library of templates from right within the application.

From within Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms, click on File in the menu bar, click New, and then From template….

This will take you into the templates gallery site, where you can browse templates by category or search templates by language, sort them by their popularity, rating, category or type of document.

Google Drive will remember the templates you’ve used before, and make them available to you under the Templates I’ve used link.

You can even upload your own templates for future use – just click on the My Templates link.

[Many of the templates in the gallery were developed by users or third party companies, not by Google, so don’t forget to read the Terms of Service before using those templates.]

You can even rate the templates that you use, which will help out others in the community.


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