Sequentially Reveal Content on a Google Slide

Occasionally when creating a slide presentation you’d like to display items one at a time on a particular slide, rather than showing all items at once before moving directly to a new slide. A typical example would be a list of bullet points that you want to display one by one while discussing them with your audience.

This is called sequential reveal, and here’s an example of how to set it up. Let’s first look at our simple example slide:

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

We want the slide to originally display with just the title, then reveal the list items when we click the mouse. You have to set up animations in order to show the items sequentially.

With the slide in the editor, right-click on the containing box of the list and select Animate.

The animation right sidebar appears, allowing you to define the type of animation (fade in, etc.) as well as timing (slow to fast). You can also define what action will cause the object to animate; here, I’ve left it at the default on-click.

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Click image to enlarge

Now, when displaying the slide, one list item will appear for each click of the mouse.

The list of animations in the right-hand pane is shown the order in which animations will occur on the slide. Once you have created some animations, you can reorder, edit, or remove them, or add new ones, until you’re happy with the slide’s appearance. Test your slide using the Play button in the pane.


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