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You can display a Google Drive spreadsheet, document, presentation or any other type of file on the world wide web to make it visible and accessible to other people.

From within the spreadsheet (or presentation, etc.) select Publish to the Web … from the File menu to open a dialog containing the available options:

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Among these options you’ll see a checkbox that, if checked, instructs the file to republish itself whenever changes are made; your users will always see the most recent version on the web. In a spreadsheet you can optionally select just a range instead of the default All Cells.

Once a document is created in Google Drive, it can be embedded into an HTML document, displayed as a stand-alone HTML page, or made available in a number of different formats:

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If the document you want to embed was uploaded in a format other than Google Docs, such as a PDF file, first view it in the Google Drive Viewer and then select File > Embed from the menu. It’ll give you the html code to paste into your web page:

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Here’s a link to a range that I’ve published to the web from the spreadsheet we discussed in this post on historical stock prices. As before. it’s showing Google’s share price history for the last two weeks, but this time displayed on the web as a stand-alone HTML page.

And finally, an example of a written document, rather than a spreadsheet, this time using the Embed code, rather than the link to a stand-alone document, to embed it directly into this blog post:


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