Permalinks for Google Drive Images

In this previous post I discussed publishing your Google Drive content to the world wide web.

Unfortunately, one thing that Google doesn’t currently seem to offer is a way to get permalinks for images. If you want to link to your Drive-hosted image in an external web page like a blog or similar, you might think that right-clicking on the image would let you copy a valid image URL, but that doesn’t work.

Happily, there’s a work-around – it takes a little bit of effort, but not too much.

Go into Google Drive and right-click on the name of the image concerned, then Open With > Google Drive Viewer:

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

The only reason for doing this is to collect the FILE_ID value from the URL shown in the browser address bar. You’ll see that the URL shown is of the form:

Grab the FILE_ID code, which in this case is 0B7_hmELbrxbhakh6dnpfa3hpMUk

You can now ceate your permalink by forming a URL with the form:

Here is a link to the image shown, created this way.

Note that this only works if you’ve changed the visibility options on the image file to Public on the web or Anyone with the link, by opening the Share dialog on the file concerned.

If you would rather force a file download, rather than image display, you can instead use:


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