Improved Search Bar in Google Drive

In this previous post I discussed using the search bar in Google Drive to help you find your files.

In the new version of Google Drive, search has been improved, with more useful dropdowns:

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If these options don’t offer enough precision then, like before, you can use search operators too. For example:

Quotation marks to find documents that contain the quoted phrase:
“June Special Offers”

OR to find documents with at least one of the words:
bolts OR screws

A minus sign to exclude a word:
athletics -hurdles (athletics but not hurdles)

owner:, title: or from: to find ocuments owned by a particular person, called a certain name or sent from a specific person:

to: to find documents you shared with a particular person:

is:starred to find Items that you marked with a star

type: to search for a type of document:

Documents edited before: or after: a certain date:

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Click image to enlarge


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