Google Calendar and SMS

For those with a smartphone there are plenty of ways to sync your calendar and access other Google apps. There are still one or two Luddites like me though, who prefer an older-style mobile / cell phone to a smartphone; it’s usually smaller, with a longer battery life, it’s less likely to be stolen or broken and, even if that should happen, it’s a negligible cost to replace it.

Thankfully, Google Calendar still supports mobile setup for people like me. After opening Calendar select the cog wheel icon then Settings, and Mobile Setup:

Click image to enlarge

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After you complete the brief form, Google will send you a verification code via SMS. Enter the code and click the Finish setup button to configure how and when you’ll receive your Calendar notifications. [Note that Google doesn’t charge for this service but, depending on your contract, your mobile provider may charge you to receive SMS.]

I guess one day Google will retire the SMS service, but for now it’s  a useful tool for those of us who like to communicate old-school style.

UPDATE: Google have now announced the withdrawal of this SMS service. To quote Google themselves:

“Starting on June 27th, 2015, SMS notifications from Google Calendar will no longer be sent. SMS notifications launched before smartphones were available. Now, in a world with smartphones and notifications, you can get richer, more reliable experiences on your mobile device, even offline.
To receive notifications on your smartphone, you can use the calendar app that came with your device, or install Google Calendar for Android or iPhone.
Note: This change will not affect Google Apps for Work, Education and Government customers.”


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