Extrapolate sets of Related Terms in Sheets

Here’s something nutty from Google that you might have some fun with.  Google Sheets lets you to take two cells and find other terms related to the data they contain.

Pardon me? OK, let’s have an example.

Put related terms into two adjacent spreadsheet cells, and highlight them:

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Next we need to define a space where Google is going to make its suggestions for related items.

See the little blue square at the lower right of the highlighted range? On a PC, hold down the Ctrl key (on a Mac, I think the equivalent is to hold down Option), and hover over that square with the mouse cursor. When the cursor changes to a cross shape, drag downwards to highlight a range of cells.

When you let go the mouse drag, Google will fill in your extended cell range with terms it thinks are related!

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

It’s not always perfect, but it’s pretty cool! I’m not really sure how you can use this, but I’m hoping to see some cool ideas appear in the comments …

[I’ve not tried this on the new sheets. Does it still work?]

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