Embed Google Drive Docs in WordPress

This post is more about WordPress than Google Drive, but maybe it’ll help somebody.

Now and then you may want to publish Google Drive data as part of a WordPress post. This is pretty easy to achieve; we’ll do it here with some stock prices.

I explained in this post how to publish documents to the web. You may want to have a quick look back there first (don’t worry, the link opens in another tab).

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

When asked which format you would like, select HTML to embed in a page. Remember to define the range of cells you want to reproduce.

In the WordPress editor, go to the point in your post where you’d like to do the embed. Now click on the Text tab in the editor pane:

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Click image to enlarge

You can now enter the embed code you previously copied:

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Click image to enlarge

For example, here’s the Google share price history we used in that previous post:


When you return to the Visual tab of the editor, you’ll see just a placeholder rectangle in place of the embedded document; but save and preview your post and you should see your live data.

In this case, the stock price data is being pulled from the internet, so whenever you return to this post, the [rice data will be automatically updated to show the most recent information.

NOTE: This works fine in my implementation of WordPress (3.8.1) – in earlier versions you may have problems inserting iframes. If so, there are a number of plugins to help you; search for ‘iframe’ in the WordPress ‘Add Plugin’ tool.

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