Delegating a Google Calendar

In this previous post I discussed how to add delegates to a Gmail account, so your mail can be managed better in your absence. Under such circumstances it’s often useful to delegate your calendar activities too.

First, the calendar owner must grant access to the potential delegate. Once this has been done, the delegate can add or edit calendar events and accept/reject invitations on behalf of the owner. The delegate won’t, however, be able to alter the owner’s calendar settings or use the owner’s contacts or task list.

To delegate one of your calendars log in to Calendar, choose the cogwheel icon and then Settings. Click the Calendars link, then find the calendar you want to delegate and select Shared: Edit Settings:

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You can then enter the email address of your delegate, and set the level of authority:

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Remember to Save.

Now, when the delegate logs in to his own calendar, the calendar for which he’s become a delegate will be visible in the Calendars list. The events in the delegated calendar will be visible by default, but can easily be hidden by clicking on the calendar name in the list.

The delegate can also opt to receive event notifications and/or daily a agenda for the additional calendar, as described in this post.


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