Collaborate on Documents

Google Drive offers a number of methods for sharing your data with your colleagues.

You can invite other people to collaborate with you on writing or editing a document, allowing them to make edits and/or comments, depending on the permissions you’ve set.

Check the box next to your file, and click on the ‘Share’ button above the file list:


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Note how you can choose to share via email or various social networks.

This share dialog also found in the File menu within the document itself (where you’ll also find an option to email your document to anybody you choose).

But in Google Drive you can also collaborate in real time right within your document! When one or more collaborators are present at the top of the document, click the speech-balloon icon that appears next to their avatar to start a conversation with them on the right of the screen.


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The conversation stays with the document – if you later invite more collaborators, they’ll be able to join in too.

Position markers in the document show where the contributor’s cursor was when each comment was made:


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