Chrome App Review: Neutron Drive Editor

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If you do any significant amount of work with program code, a free Chrome app called Neutron Drive could be for you.

Neutron Drive integrates closely with Google Drive and offers a host of really useful features more normally found on desktop editors, including:

  • Tag completion
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Search and replace
  • Auto indentation
  • Line Numbering
  • Tabbed Interface
  • Preview pane

… and much more.

In addition, though, it’s closely integrated with Google Drive, so you can browse your Drive documents and benefit from real-time collaboration, auto-save, import and export of Google Apps scripts etc.

The three-pane layout was a joy to use for developing HTML, but you can easily turn off the left pane (file browser) or right pane (HTML preview) if you just want the editor interface visible. There are welcome drag handles to adjust the widths of the panes too.

The main pane has a Chrome-like tabbed interface so you can switch among various documents with ease:

Click image to enlarge

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In addition, the app includes an FTP client, so your editing isn’t limited to files stored on Google Drive.

Neutron Drive seemed slick, intuitive and easy to use, and has now become my default editor for web design and coding work.

Very impressive – Recommended.

This is an independent review based on personal opinion. I have no commercial or personal connection with the authors of the product reviewed.

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