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Improved Paste in Google Sheets

When you copy and paste some content in a Google Sheet, the formatting of the pasted content is maintained by default (unless you’re using the Paste special function). Google has now added an extra feature that allows you to instead paste just the values contained in the content, or just the format of the pasted content. more

Partial Cell Format in Google Sheets

Various previous posts have dealt with cell formatting in Google Sheets..

Google has now upgraded this feature so it’s now possible to select a portion of the text within a cell and to apply formatting to only those characters, instead of to the entire cell. This new feature is available both on the web and in the Sheets app for Android. more

New Edit Warnings in Google Sheets

In this previous post (and others) I discussed how to protect spreadsheet cells to prevent your collaborators from messing up your sheets with inappropriate edits.

Google has just made this a little more flexible by allowing you to add a warning text to selected ranges or cells within a sheet that can be edited by collaborators. more