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Relating to Drawings created in Google Drive

Automated List Mode for Docs, Slides and Drawings

You’re probably already aware that you can enter bulleted or numbered lists in Google Docs using the appropriate buttons on the toolbar (there’s a post about customising them here):

In line with how many other word processing programs function, Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings will now automatically turn on the relevant list mode when the application detects that you want to make a bulleted or numbered list, based on what first character you enter in your paragraph. more

Basics: Keyboard Shortcuts in Google Drive

There are so many keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive that most people haven’t a hope of memorizing them all. That’s usually OK – you probably only ever use a few of those available, and can remember what they are – but occasionally it’s nice to have a quick reference to the others. more

Anonymous Animals

One of Google Drive’s key advantages is the ability to collaborate with others on your documents, as I described in this previous post In cases where you have set your document to Anyone with the link can view or Public on the web, and have then shared the link with people other than those expressly defined as being shared on the document, you may have noticed unusual animal-themed icons appearing at the top of your document (when someone who is a known sharer views a Google Doc their own profile image appears here). Each animal icon represents an anonymous viewer whom Drive has randomly assigned an animal avatar. more