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Tips and tricks for the Drive Ninja

Sharing Settings for Google Drive Folders

A small update from Google has made it easier to view the sharing settings on shared Google Drive folders.

Previously it was not always easy to find out who the folder has been shared with or how to update the permissions. Now, for shared folders, a new icon appears next to the folder’s name in the  navigation menu: more

Let Calendar Choose Suitable Event Times

When you create an event for multiple people in Google Calendar, you usually want to choose a date and time when all of the people you want to invite can attend without rearranging their own agendas.

If your guests have shared their calendars with you, Google Calendar can make this task easier for you by suggesting times that work for everybody. more

Using Google’s Cloud Print Service

On our home network we have a Windows PC (with printer attached), a Chromebook, a Linux netbook used as a media centre, and, intermittently, an Android phone. Visitors often bring their own devices too. The idea of configuring the network and all of these clients to be able to print to the Windows PC’s printer sounds pretty terrifying and, even were I to achieve it, printing would only be possible from within the local network. more

Use Chrome as a Quick-And-Dirty Text Editor

This tip will work on any version of Google Chrome (as far as I know) but is mainly aimed at those who, like me, use a ChromeOS device such as a Chromebook.

I often find I want to temporarily save and manipulate a short snippet of plain text – maybe some program code, or a short message I want to share to various social media sites. I might want to make some minor edits, and then keep the text on hand to use later. more

New Edit Warnings in Google Sheets

In this previous post (and others) I discussed how to protect spreadsheet cells to prevent your collaborators from messing up your sheets with inappropriate edits.

Google has just made this a little more flexible by allowing you to add a warning text to selected ranges or cells within a sheet that can be edited by collaborators. more