App Review: Teamlab Personal

One of the comments I see most about Google Drive concerns the difficulties in handling Microsoft document formats. While Google’s equivalent applications are gaining strength all the time, for some people the feature sets and document formats they’re used to make it hard for them to get the most out of Drive.

Teamlab Personal is a new player in the field, claiming to offer new levels of compatibility both with the file format and the usage experience of the Microsoft products.

Available from the App Store, the personal version is free (there’s also a reasonably-priced edition for small business) and includes word processor, spreadsheet and presentation apps.

The look and feel of the editors is very Microsoft-inspired, with a few small additions to incorporate Google’s commenting and sharing features. While I didn’t make any quantitative measurements of speed, operation seemed perfectly slick and acceptable.

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The set of available tools and options offers extras over the Google offerings, such as a broader choice of options for tables, line spacing, multi-level numbering, text and heading styles, and more. The menu layout will be very familiar and comfortable for Office users.

Opening Google Docs and Microsoft Office documents went smoothly, with no discernible display or formatting problems; however, my test documents were fairly simple, so you might like to test with complex layouts before you make your decision.

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Overall, an impressive package, and one more option for those reluctant to move away from Microsoft towards Google. Teamlab Personal is well worthy of consideration if you regularly have to deal with Microsoft file formats or MS-centric users.

This is an independent review based on personal opinion. I have no commercial or personal connection with the authors of the product reviewed.

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