Add-on Review: Texthelp Highlighting Tools

This free add-on for Google Docs allows you to highlight text within a document in any one of four colors. These highlighted passages may then be collected and compiled into a new document.

You install it in the usual fashion, using the Add-ons menu and looking for ‘Texthelp Study Skills’. Installation is straightforward.

Operation of the Add-on is simple enough; highlight some text, and then click one of the buttons in the add-on’s sidebar to choose a highlight color:

Click image to enlarge

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To extract your highlighted sections into a separate document, use the Collect Highlights sidebar button and choose how the snippets are to be collated:

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The add-on is clearly aimed primarily at education; there is even a sidebar link to some hints and tips for classroom use. In that context it offers a neat and useful way to augment the collaboration abilities that come as standard with Google Drive.

I can, however, imagine other situation where I would be happy to have this simple but useful tool to hand – creating summaries or extracts from longer documents perhaps.

A useful tool, which I intend to leave installed.

This is an independent review based on personal opinion. I have no commercial or personal connection with the authors of the product reviewed.


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