Add Comments to Word Documents in Preview

For those who interact with MS Office users, it’s always handy to have easy ways to skip between MS and Google formats. Google have just made things a little smoother by allowing you to access and add comments to MS docs directly from the Google Drive Preview pane.

When you open a Word document you’ll now see an extra menu item at the top right:

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Clicking on the icon will allow you to add a comment to the document. Alternatively, highlight a passage of text to comment on just that content; a new comment icon will appear to the right of the highlighted text:

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Clicking the icon opens a dialog for you to enter your comment:

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The comment(s) you add will be seen in Word as if they had been added natively:

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Going forward, you can do this not only with all MS Office files but with image files and PDFs too.

The new feature is being rolled out now, so if you can’t yet see it look out for it in an upcoming update of Google Drive.

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