Monthly Archives: August 2015

Bookmark All Google Chrome Tabs

Recent posts have discussed pinning and detaching tabs in Google Chrome. Today I’ll describe just one more tabs-related tip before I move on to other topics.

Sometimes you need to leave your computer, perhaps at short notice, and you’ve already built up a number of open tabs. If you don’t have Google Chrome configured to carry on where you left off when opening a new session, then closing the browser will lose those tabs and force you to remember and re-open them later to continue working. more

Another Trick with Google Chrome Tabs

This is another simple tip that most Chrome users will already know about.

When you have multiple tabs opened, you can detach a single tab as a separate instance of the Google Chrome browser. This allows you to group related web pages or apps and run each group in a separate browser instance – maybe on a separate desktop workspace, or even on a separate monitor. To ‘extract’ a tab in this way, just drag the tab away from the tab bar: more

Use Chrome as a Quick-And-Dirty Text Editor

This tip will work on any version of Google Chrome (as far as I know) but is mainly aimed at those who, like me, use a ChromeOS device such as a Chromebook.

I often find I want to temporarily save and manipulate a short snippet of plain text – maybe some program code, or a short message I want to share to various social media sites. I might want to make some minor edits, and then keep the text on hand to use later. more