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Attach Files to Google Calendar Events

When you’re scheduling calendar events it can be useful to associate documents or other files with the event; the agenda for a meeting, say, or the menu for that important dinner.

Google Calendar can’t currently do this out of the box, but you can achieve it by enabling the Event Attachments feature in Labs. To get that done, Go to your Google Calendar and click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the interface. Select Labs, scroll down and enable the Event Attachments Lab, then save your changes. more

Use ‘Quick Add’ in Google Calendar

Google Calendar has a neat little trick to help you save a little time when manually adding calendar events.

Use the Quick Add feature under the Create button to add a text description of the event. Google will do its best to interpret what you write into a calendar event.

To create a simple event, only what and when are needed, so you might write

Sales meeting at 6pm today

For more complicated events, consider what, wherewhen, and who:

Sales meeting at 6pm today at Headquarters with Tom

Here’s the created event:

You can even invite people to the event by using the with keyword and their email address:

Sales meeting at 6pm today at Headquarters with

If you enter a time with no date, Quick Add will create the event on the earliest date that puts the event in the future; if you enter no start time or end time, Quick Add will create an All Day event.

You can specify start and end times using either time ranges or intervals eg 4.30 – 6.00 or for 90 minutes. Multi-day events can be specified using a date range such as 10/9 – 14/9, while recurring events can be added using repeats or every:

Sales meeting every Friday for 6 weeks


Sales meeting repeats weekly for 6 weeks more