Monthly Archives: January 2015

Emptying Chrome’s Cache with a Hard Reload

Chrome, like most other browsers, caches content from websites you visit in order to improve performance.

Sometimes, though, things can go wrong and cause you to want to dump the cached data. This is especially common when developing website pages or web applications, but may also be necessary in other situations where you want to be sure you’re displaying up-to-date data from the server. more

Synonyms and Antonyms in Google Search

Various recent posts have highlighted things that you can achieve directly from the Google search bar. Here’s another one.

If you’re serious about what you write, no doubt you sometimes struggle for just the right word to use. At these times it’s often handy to consult a dictionary of synonyms (words with the same or similar meaning) and antonyms (words of opposite meaning). There are various examples available, both online and on paper, but did you know that you can do so directly from Google’s search bar? Just use the keyword synonyms or antonyms in your search string. more