Monthly Archives: December 2014

Time Conversions in Google Search

One of the great things about Google Drive is its ability as a collaboration tool. Within moments you can share material with colleagues across the room or across the planet. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget (I know, I’ve done it) that not all of the world shares the same business hours – or even daylight hours! Sometimes (before trying to start a hangout, for instance) it’s useful to check what the time currently is for your intended collaborator. more

What’s Taking Google Chrome So Long?

I’m guessing that most people who use Google Drive and associated Apps will be doing so via Google’s Chrome browser.

Chrome is written to be a robust, fast and efficient browser. I’m not going to venture too deeply into the geeky underworld of how it actually works (you can always check out the source code of it’s open-source sister, Chromium, if you like), but one of the techniques it uses to prevent one hinky page from crashing the whole browser is to separate different tasks into separate processes. This is like having a number of separate programs all running at once, each looking after its own resources (such as memory allocation, calls to the BIOS, and so on). There’s a process for each tab you have open, and one for each extension you have activated. more

Searching in Google Maps

Many people don’t realize that the search field in Google Maps has access to Google’s sophisticated search technology. Of course, you can simply enter a place name or street address and have Google find it for you – but you can also use search strings much as you would in a regular Google Search, and have Google do its best to return a relevant geographical answer: more