Monthly Archives: November 2014

Use Imagery from Google Street View

If you want to grab imagery from Street View to use in other places, Google offers tools to let you link to or embed the imagery.

Start with the cog icon in the bottom right of the display:

Choose Share and embed image to open up a further dialog. This displays, by default, its Share link tab, presenting a URL you can cut and paste to give to others. There’s also a checkbox to allow you to optionally generate a shortened version of the URL via the service that I discussed in this previous post. more

Version Management of non-Google Drive Files

As with the original version of Google Drive, Google have now implemented the means to manage versions for non-Google formatted files in the new Google Drive. To access this ability, right-click on a non-Google file in your file list (here a Microsoft Word .docx file), or click on it and select More Actions on the toolbar, and select Manage versions: more