Monthly Archives: September 2014

Creating Google Presentations for eBook Users

It’s pretty easy to make a Google presentation that your users can download as an eBook to use with their favourite eBook reader.

The key thing to remember is that most eBook readers are happiest in portrait, rather than landscape, format. Since Google Slides normally makes slides in landscape layout (to suit a monitor or projector) we need to alter this. more

Undo Autocorrections with Backspace

In this previous post I described how to easily enter special characters or strings of text using the Preferences dialog found under Tools > Preferences.

Google has made a minor change to help you undo these autocorrections when you trigger them inadvertently. Now, pressing the backspace key immediately after any autocorrection will undo it, leaving instead the ‘trigger’ string in its plain-text form. more

Automated List Mode for Docs, Slides and Drawings

You’re probably already aware that you can enter bulleted or numbered lists in Google Docs using the appropriate buttons on the toolbar (there’s a post about customising them here):

In line with how many other word processing programs function, Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings will now automatically turn on the relevant list mode when the application detects that you want to make a bulleted or numbered list, based on what first character you enter in your paragraph. more

New Interface for Google Drive Pickers

There is now a new user interface for all of the pickers in Google Drive (the dialog that lets you select files or other content, e.g. Open files, Insert Images from Drive, etc).

The new interface conforms more closely with the new Google Drive UI. All of the menu options previously housed in vertical tabs on the left hand side of the dialog are moved to horizontal tabs placed along the top: more

Simplified Sharing for Google Docs

Google has launched a new and simplified sharing interface for the Google Docs, making it easier for people to find and copy the file or folder link for to share it with collaborators.

Click the blue Share button or, if you’re in your file list, select a file or folder and click the person icon on the toolbar. You’ll now see a Get shareable link button and a grey icon in the top corner of the dialog: more

Improved Publishing Interface for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

In a previous post I discussed publishing your content to the web.

Google has just announced an updated publishing interface for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Although the changes are relatively minor, the new interface does make it easier to understand how document, spreadsheet and presentation content can be published as a webpage or embedded in your own websites. more