Monthly Archives: May 2014

Add-on Review: Consistency Checker

Consistency checker is an interesting little add-on for Docs that will help you to stay consistent in writing style throughout your document, for instance by reporting any instances where you’ve hyphenated or spelled words in different ways, used different forms for abbreviations (e.g. with or without periods in acronyms, or “email” versus “e-mail”), or where you’ve made common linguistic errors (e.g. should of in place of should have). It’s not meant to replace professional editing or spelling/grammar checks, but to work alongside them to improve your document’s quality. more

Add-on Review: g(Math) for Google Documents

In this previous post I briefly described the built-in tools that Google Docs offers for adding mathematical equations to your documents.

The g(Math) add-on, available via the Add-ons > Manage add-ons menu in your document, takes things a big step further by adding more advanced expression editing along with graph generation. If you use a lot of mathematics, this could be for you. more