Monthly Archives: February 2014

OCR-Style Character Recognition

If your way of using Google Drive means that you upload PDFs or images containing text (such as document scans), Google Drive’s conversion tools might be just the thing for you.

Google Drive can scan your file to detect text in both PDFs and images, then make it into a standard, editable, Google Docs document format. The original image or PDF is embedded at the top of the document. more

Viewing Multiple Files in Google Drive

Occasionally you may prefer to preview multiple files at once, without opening them or downloading them.

No problem – just check the files you want and then click on the Preview button (which looks a bit like an eye). The preview pane will open up, and you can navigate left and right through your selected files using the arrow icons or the cursor keys. more

Distraction-Free Editing in Google Docs

Many word processors and other composition tools offer the chance to edit your document in a distraction-free mode, without the usual toolbars and other clutter.

If you prefer this way of working, you can do it easily in Google Docs / Google Drive. Simply open the  View menu and select the Full Screen option. Everything but the body of your document will be hidden, leaving you to let rip your creativity without any distractions. more

Colourful Folders in Google Drive

Google Drive lets you organise your stuff by creating folders. You can have nested folders too, i.e. folders can contain other folders.

But did you know that you can also colour-code your folders to make your life easier? In the Google Drive interface, just right-click on any folder, then choose Change Colour in the pop-up menu, and select your colour by clicking on a swatch. more