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Relating to the Presentations application

More Animation Options in Google Slides

Some while ago, in this post, I talked about using animations to spice up your slide presentations. Google has just made some improvements to the available animation options.

In the slide editor, right-click the item you wish to animate, as described in the previous post. Now, though, the drop-down menu offers two new animation types, Appear and Disappear, along with various new ways to customize the direction of the Fly In and Fly Out animations: more

Creating Google Presentations for eBook Users

It’s pretty easy to make a Google presentation that your users can download as an eBook to use with their favourite eBook reader.

The key thing to remember is that most eBook readers are happiest in portrait, rather than landscape, format. Since Google Slides normally makes slides in landscape layout (to suit a monitor or projector) we need to alter this. more

Automated List Mode for Docs, Slides and Drawings

You’re probably already aware that you can enter bulleted or numbered lists in Google Docs using the appropriate buttons on the toolbar (there’s a post about customising them here):

In line with how many other word processing programs function, Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings will now automatically turn on the relevant list mode when the application detects that you want to make a bulleted or numbered list, based on what first character you enter in your paragraph. more